"If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good."


Why I am writing on this topic? Because now a day I observe mostly toppers of our schools, colleges, and university students are doing suicides according to The nation news 15 to 20 students do suicide every day. There are only two reasons behind suicide number one is mental disorder second is mental stress.

Happy brain picture

So we have to understand mental stress is more dangerous as compared to drugs. It affects our social life, our health, and our behavior. So what are the root causes of stress? One of them is overthinking Situations or events that put pressure on us. The basic building block of stress is thinking negatively. Most students in our society are thinking so much about their results, their future carrier about their physical appearance about their family. So try to work under stress or pressure because there will be many issues in your life. you have to face the challenges and issues in your life to face those challenges learn to overcome stress. If you learn to overcome stress no one can make you unhappy. When we think more there will be negative thoughts and positive thoughts came into our minds which produces stress. So the easy solution to overcome stress is to not think more than its needed, be positive, do prayers, help others, keep faith in Allah almighty that Allah almighty is the best planner and Allah almighty have good plans for you in your future. This type of thinking overcomes your stress level. And make you happy.