Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets Coursera Answer

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Week- 1

Oil and Gas Exploration



1. What is the primary source of oil and gas?

2. What component of a hydrocarbon system must exist in order for there to be oil and/or gas?

3. Prior to the shale gas and shale oil revolution, shale was considered to be a poor reservoir rock because of its low ________________.

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4. What technology is used to image rock layering in the subsurface over regions extending many miles/kilometers?

5. A lease must first be obtained from the land company agent before drilling for oil and gas.

6. What isolates the interior of an oil/gas well from the surrounding rock and fluids?

7. The oil window is primarily defined by a range in which of the following?

8. In which of the following geologic settings do oil and gas deposits first form?

9. Which of the following technological innovations has reduced the number of drilling rigs needed to find and extract oil and gas?




1. In the oil and gas industry, what is a specific subsurface site where oil and gas might be found called?

2. Production rates from an oil/gas well initially decline because of a loss of what?

3. What two substances are used to extract oil during the secondary recovery phase?

4. What is increasingly being used as an injection gas in tertiary oil recovery?

5. After tertiary recovery methods have been applied to an oil field, how much oil is typically still left in the reservoir?

6. In tertiary recovery, the remaining oil is freed from its adhesion to sediment grains by…

7. Drilling of what type of additional wells turn an economic well into an oil field?

8. What does the history of production rates for a large region or even country generally look like over a long time?


Processing and Refining


1. Wet gas is rich in what?

2. What is a very common contaminant that must be removed from both natural gas and oil?

3. Methane gas is almost pure after it has been processed.

4. What is the core process in refining crude oil into petroleum products?

5. Among other products, naphtha is used to produce diesel.

6. The lower the viscosity of the crude in a barrel of oil, the more of what can be produced from it?

7. In the U.S., roughly what fraction of a barrel of crude oil is refined into gasoline?

8. The cracking unit in a refinery will increase the production of diesel.




1. An oil distribution pipeline carries refined fuels.

2. Where is oil in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve stored?

3. Compared to other hydrocarbons, the energy content of natural gas is low per unit

4. Natural gas is transferred from transmission pipelines to distribution pipelines at the…

5. A sour smelling odorant is added to natural gas before it is put into distribution gas lines to reduce gas use.

6. “Stranded” natural gas is gas that…

7. What is a LNG “train”?


8. Before it can be used, imported LNG must first be…



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