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Week- 2

Module 2 – Meetings




  • There are no time allocations for each section.
  • A clear purpose for each attendant
  • There is no pre-assigned homework.

2. Which of these below would be an example of QCTT.


  • Asking the room if they have any questions.
  • Telling the room that while we are here everyone is at the same level whether they are a VP or a programmer.
  • Establishing a rule that before any decision is made there must be a 8-% agreement from everyone in the room and that everyone must vote via anonymous ballot

3. How can you create a safe environment for everyone participating in our virtual meeting.


  • Posting a slide before the meeting starts asking everyone to check out a specific youtube video and asking them to only comment on what they agree with.
  • Having breakout rooms preset as people come in moving them into the breakout rooms to play two truths and a lie.
  • Having everyone introduce themselves once the meeting begins.

4. Gosha is a mechanical engineer running an online presentation. He wants to create interaction and discussion among the attendants. He wants to make a point about magnetism and its effects on structural integrity. He asks everyone listening to take a moment and count the metal objects in the room they are in. This is an example of:


  • An Action Question
  • A Rhetorical Question
  • A Discussion Question

5. Anu is running a virtual meeting to discuss some hiring options of new contractors among her executive teams. Currently there are 4 different options that she wants to try to narrow down. She knows that many participants will hesitate to speak their mind so publicly in front of the others. What can she do?


  • She can break people into discussion groups.
  • She can assign 4 groups and each has to do a cost/benefit on whichever option they are assigned and deliver a 1 minute report to the group.
  • She can ask for opinions and hope for the best? Probably a few people will speak up.

6. Anahita just finished a presentation promoting the benefits of a new marketing campaign to introduce Hockey to the Persian community for a TV station. At the end of the presentation her colleague asks the following question. “I have we do not have as cold of weather as Canada and I don’t even know if there are any ice rinks in the city, I don’t think anyone would be interested in a sport they can’t play. So I guess I am just wondering if you have thought about that?” Which response below do you think would be the most effective?


  • Yes you make a good point and I know this would be a big obstacle and we have looked and there are not many facilities at the moment. Our goal was more to make it something that people watch on TV/online, but you do have a good point that the lack of places to try it might impede interest.
  • The question was “we don’t have any ice rinks here and the fact that our weather is warmer makes it so people would not be very interested in Hockey.” I know how you feel, there is no ice here and this might be a huge investment to get the licensing rights for the NHL, we would have to educate people on how hockey works and they would not even be able to try it for themselves. I also felt that way, I mean I don’t like being cold and I have no idea how to ice skate. What we found though is that the only realm of TV that isn’t loosing views to online is the live sports community. We also found that across the world that language is the biggest barrier to getting views for Hockey. That is why we believe that providing a Persian language play-by-play for just the NHL play offs this next year can dramatically increase our viewership.
  • That is a good point and we don’t necessarily agree. We are not trying to get people to ice skate. We just want them to watch hockey and understand the game. The fact that we do not have cold weather would not necessarily prevent people from being interested, in fact we think that people will be interested because it will be a new sport to watch. If we can make them live then it is something that can’t be taken away by online viewing. We think that people prefer to watch sports live so it can also help us compete with online. Does anyone else have a question?
  • I could see how you feel that way, I also had the same thought, but we found that the biggest barrier to viewership is language so making it in Persian would get people watching.





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