Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age Coursera Answer

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Week- 1

Module 1 Quiz


1. Please select the three traps speakers fall into from the choices below.


2. Which of these are examples of speaking in the 3rd person (you can choose more than one).


3. What is Businessese?


4. What is the trap of formalized language say?


5. What is the strategy if you don’t think you can speak informally or can avoid the formality trap?


6. What are the two things a listener wants from communication?


7. Why should we avoid using too many details?


8. What are the three types of virtual teams identified so far? There maybe more than one correct answer.


9. Which of these is a PRO of virtual communication? There maybe more than 1 correct answer.


10. How can you reward someone virtually so that they feel a stronger sense of belonging to the group.




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