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Week- 1

Module 1 Quiz


1. Please select the three traps speakers fall into from the choices below.


  • Using too many details
  • Reading prepared speech
  • Speaking generally in 3rd Person
  • Using formal language

2. Which of these are examples of speaking in the 3rd person (you can choose more than one).


  • Giving advice instead of an anecdote.
  • Speaking in the first person only.
  • Speaking in the 3rd person only.
  • Telling someone what to do instead of telling someone a time you did it.

3. What is Businessese?


  • A programming language of virtually communication.
  • Using industry specific terminology.
  • Another way of saying speaking formally to try to sound professional.
  • An effective form of communication used when speaking professionally.

4. What is the trap of formalized language say?


  • Using words you would not normally use in a conversation
  • Using technical terms to better explain an idea.
  • Using business language to sound professional
  • All of the above

5. What is the strategy if you don’t think you can speak informally or can avoid the formality trap?


  • Start formally and end casually
  • Only speak formally
  • Speak with lots of details to overcome the formality

6. What are the two things a listener wants from communication?


  • Curiosity and a picture they can imagine
  • A lot of details so they can imagine what you are saying.
  • A hierarchy of information that goes from general to specific

7. Why should we avoid using too many details?


  • Using too many details confuses the listener
  • More details doesn’t mean more understanding
  • It will cause you to get lost in your explanation and eventually fizzle out
  • All of the above

8. What are the three types of virtual teams identified so far? There maybe more than one correct answer.


  • Everyone is in the same location
  • Everyone is communicating at different times
  • One person is in a different location
  • Everyone is in a different location

9. Which of these is a PRO of virtual communication? There maybe more than 1 correct answer.


  • Tend to feel less pressure to think of things in the moment
  • It allows you to generate ideas because you can feed off each other
  • Avoid likelihood of groupthink
  • It allows you to pick up on non-verbal communication

10. How can you reward someone virtually so that they feel a stronger sense of belonging to the group.


  • Reward them recognizing them in front of the group.
  • Reward them by recognizing them one on one or in person
  • Reward them by sending them e-gifts.



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