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Week- 3

Research Designs


1. The main advantage of randomized controlled trials (RCT) is that


  • they provide the best support for causality
  • treatments can be compared against each other and a control group
  • they are rigorous and objective

2. A researcher presents both male and female managers from several companies with application materials (CV and application letter) from a student applying for a job opening. Half the managers were given the application with a male name attached, and half were given the exact same application with a female name attached. Results showed that managers were less likely to offer the female applicant a job (gender bias). This corresponds to


  • an interaction effect between the applicant’s and the manager’s gender
  • a main effect of the manager’s gender
  • a main effect of the applicant’s gender

3. Which of the following illustrates the use of a within-subjects design?


  • One group of students is given a compliment before an exam and a second group is criticized before taking the exam.
  • Students of three different age levels are given the same test.
  • Students take two comparable tests. They take the first without preparation; before the second test they meditate for ten minutes.

4. An educational psychologist examined whether students will perform best if online education is combined with classroom learning. Students were randomly assigned to three conditions. In this study, these three conditions would be


  • online education, classroom learning and a combination of both
  • student grades, experimental condition and course content
  • online education, classroom learning and highly motivated vs. poorly motivated students

5. Those in favor of field experiments argue that this type of research is perhaps less tightly controlled, but that more realism implies greater relevance. They also question the generalizability of laboratory experiments. This critique can be summarized as


  • doubt on the internal validity of laboratory experiments
  • concerns about self-selection of participants into lab experiments
  • doubt on the ecological validity of laboratory experiments

6. A researcher notices that highly educated participants are more likely to refuse an unpleasant experimental treatment after being randomly assigned to the treatment condition. Therefore, he is concerned about the comparability of the treatment and control group. In this case, the researcher should BEST


  • rerun the study with some form of restricted randomization
  • do a randomization check
  • stop worrying because randomization never fails

7. Which of the following designs allows the researcher to compare the size of the increase or decrease in scores in the experimental and control condition?


  • a simple within subjects design
  • the two-group pre-test/post-test design
  • the two-group post-test only randomized experiment

8. If participants are not measured twice (e.g. only a post-test)


  • testing (sensitization) is not an issue
  • regression to the mean and testing (reactivity) are not issues
  • regression to the mean is not an issue

9. Cameron, Erkal, Gangadharan, and Meng (2013) studied the causal relationship between growing up without siblings and altruism by comparing a group of participants born just before and just after the introduction of China’s One-Child Policy in 1979. This is an example of


  • a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)
  • a ‘natural’ experiment
  • an experimental study

10. A cohort design is a panel study


  • where the same individuals respond to a survey at several points in time
  • where the same individuals are interviewed at several points in time
  • where a group of individuals with a common characteristic are followed up longitudinally

11. Mincome was an experimental Canadian basic income project that was held in Dauphin, Manitoba during the 1970s. The project allowed every family in this town to receive a minimum cash benefit, thereby essentially eliminating poverty. Forget (2013) has evaluated the long-term effect of this guaranteed income program on people’s health (hospitalization rates) by comparing residents from Dauphin with a matched comparison group of residents from similar areas. This study can be characterized as


  • a summative evaluation study with a quasi-experimental design
  • a formative evaluation study with a quasi-experimental design
  • a summative evaluation study with an experimental design


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Research Designs – Writing Assignment (Evaluative)


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