Techpally Hints Technical Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales


You must have read online from gurus in internet marketing about eCommerce store optimization.

However, making more sales is more than just making your store's design professional.

Also, besides improving the features that will trigger customers to buy from you, you also need to test, rinse and repeat methods that work.

Technical tips to increase Sales from online stores


Offer discounts and additional accessories

Let's consider the following case: a potential customer wants to buy a new camera online. First of all, he looks for the right model based on his requirements and wishes.

He later realizes that a new case and an additional battery wouldn't be bad.

You can take advantage of this fact by offering suitable and additional accessories for him as soon as the first search query is made.

Increase sales? No problem! With a discount on the entire package, you also encourage customers to buy and bring about a higher conversion.


 Use A / B tests

Effective marketing naturally also includes analyzes and tests, businesspally.

You probably already have a lot of work to do in the area of shop management alone. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the figures, because this is the only way to ultimately optimize the conversion rate.

A / B tests are therefore essential. Basically, A / B tests are the comparison of an original version with another and revised version as well as the evaluation based on two different test groups.

In order to achieve the same result without the sometimes complex A / B tests, you can alternatively use tools such as  Google Analytics.

Here all possible areas of your website are analyzed for possible errors and suggestions for improvement are offered.

In principle, everything can be changed. Everything is conceivable, from the color of a button to product images.

It is best to concentrate on one area per analysis that you want to optimize.

 The better the website, the higher the chances of being found and thus of achieving a higher conversion rate and increasing your sales.

Optimize the checkout

When you convince customers to place an order, you don't want to lose them at the last minute.

Studies by Techpally services LLP show that 70% of online shoppers want to make their own choice about the shipping service provider and shipping option.

Although door-to-door delivery is the most popular shipping option, interest in alternative shipping methods is growing significantly.

Too many online shops only offer a single shipping option, which can drastically reduce the conversion rate.

You should always offer and combine different shipping options in your checkout process, businesspally advised.

Think, for example, of deliveries on the same and next day as well as parcel shop deliveries. In addition to increasing your conversion and sales, you also reduce the costs per package.

A parcel shop delivery is a more cost-effective shipping option than, for example, home delivery.


 Adjust return policy and return conditions

Your return policy is the key factor for prospects to make a purchase. Nothing is as annoying as buying products that might not fit and then taking a lot of time and effort to send them back.

While many online stores still believe that having a flexible return policy will increase the number of returns, the opposite is true.

For example, have you ever thought about extending your return period? The return period of 14 days must be observed throughout the EU, but can be extended at any time.

Customers get used to the products after a longer period of time and are therefore less inclined to send them back.

In addition, a flexible returns policy increases your level of service, so that customers are more likely to buy from you again.

Of course, it can also happen that customers order more, for example, to try out different sizes of products, and then return half of it.

But what if the customer does keep two products and you would otherwise have lost them during the research phase for the right product and online shop?

Ultimately, having a flexible return policy gives you more benefits than disadvantages, Techpally opined.

Returns are not a reason to panic. Innovative tools make it easier for you and your customers to return goods.



If you want to increase your sales and your conversion rate, there are of course many more options.

The whole World Wide Web is practically full of helpful tips and tricks. Nevertheless, we hope that our tips have helped you understand how certain techniques and optimization options can be cleverly used to increase conversions and sales