Scope Of International Relations

International relations as a discipline was used to study diplomatic history, the law of Nations, and foreign policies of a state. But this approach changed with the second world war. Delocalization and the birth of new states expand the scope of IR. At the end of WWII world entered into a new era of Cold war in which two states  ( USA and USSR) control the world for dominance. This makes a screenplay for some of IR theories. New theories and methodologies emerged to explain the bipolar world and behavior of states. With the breaking of the USSR and the fast changing of the world in the face of globalization incorporate a new theme and a new agenda to study. 

IR as a field of study is focusing on;

1. Issues such as diplomacy, war, trade, alliances, cultural exchange, etc

2. Conflict and cooperation among states.

3. International security,

4. International political economy and its impacts.

The word scope shows boundaries but scholars of IR have never agreed on where the boundary of their field lie.