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Week- 3

Technical SEO Review

Question 1
Which of the following IS NOT an aspect of technical SEO?

2 points

Resolving site errors

The creation of XML and HTML Sitemaps

The creation of robots.txt files

Optimizing site keywords

Question 2
Which of the following are functions of the robot.txt file? (Select all that apply.)

2 points

It provides search engine bots your preferences for crawl speed

It outlines the site structure

It identifies specific pages that should not be crawled by search engine bots

Question 3
It is important to include an XML Sitemap for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

2 points

The XML Sitemap includes behind the scenes activity of your website such as when a page was last updated

With new sites it can be uploaded to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster tools to inform the search engine of the presence of your site

The XML Sitemap outlines the site structure for search engine bots

It outlines the structure of your site for your audience

Question 4
When updating to a new site, which of the following is the most preferred method of redirecting from an old page to new content?

2 points

A permanent redirect from the old page to the most relevant category in the new site

A permanent redirect from the old page to a comparable new page

A temporary redirect from the old page to the most relevant category in the new site

A temporary redirect from the old page to a comparable new page

Question 5
Why are soft 404 errors more difficult to resolve than traditional 404 errors?

2 points

Because they are due to server error, your must wait for the error to resolve itself

It takes time to design custom 404 error pages for your site

Because they do not pose a problem for SEO, webmasters are slow to address them

Soft 404 pages are pages that still return a status code of 200 (okay) and are picked up by tools such as Google Search Console

Question 6
Which of the following is Technical SEO concerned with? (Select all that apply.)

1 point

Laying a strong visual presence for your site

Make it easier for search engine robots to index your site.

Make it easier for your audience to find your site.

Question 7
___________ SEO focuses on how well search engine spiders can crawl your site and index your content. Which of the following correctly fills this blank?

1 point





Question 8
You have been hired to optimize a website, which of the following is essential to include in your SEO strategy? (Select all that apply.)

1 point

Content and Keyword recommendations

Maximize visual attractiveness and color balancing

Technical SEO

Off-page Strategy

Question 9
HTTP Response Status Codes are an important part of Technical SEO; what does HTTP stand for?

1 point

High Text Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Hyper Text Trial Properties

Question 10
Which of the following are best practices for designing and handling 404 error pages on your site? (Select all that apply.)

1 point

Look and feel of the 404 page should differ in style from the rest of your site so as not to be confused with active content.

On arriving at a 404 page, provide users with helpful links

Redirect to a more appropriate page

Maximize the amount of 404 pages a site produces.


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