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Week- 4

Keyword Theory & Research Review

Question 1
A new site that sells Sci-fi memorabilia is about to launch. Which of the following keywords will best drive the right kind of traffic to the site?

2 points

Sci-fi superfan

Han shot first (or other key pop culture Sci-fi phrases)

Buy Sci-fi collectibles

Top Sci-fi characters

Question 2
Which of the following are ways that companies can adjust for the seasonality of searches?

2 points

Publish blog posts to correlate with an increase in searches on the blog topic

Adjust content for males between the ages of 18-25 based on your audience analysis

Launch a website redesign when the product is most in demand

Create blog posts based on common questions that your audience has

Question 3
True or false: Long tail keywords should be avoided when selecting keywords for your site

2 points



Question 4
Which of the following are reasons to conduct an audience analysis using tools like Google Trends, Alexa, Quantcast, and Follwerwonk? (Select all that apply.)

2 points

You plan to adjust blog post and site resources based on your audience’s needs

You would like to understand your audience to help you refine and choose keywords to target

You select a market strategy based on the email or texting habits of your audience

You modify the language and tone of your site based on factors such as the age or home regions of your audience

Question 5
Which of the following best describes what a persona is and how persona are used in SEO?

2 points

Personas is the general term for the roles of researcher and tester used in usability testing

Personas are concrete representations of data from your audience analysis used to make decisions about SEO strategy such as keywords, content tone, and content topics

Personas are carefully defined characters used in marketing and commercials geared toward your audience’s driving motivations

Personas are avatars who welcome visitors to your site and increase repeat traffic

Question 6
Which of the following are ways to refine keywords to better match the terms your target audience might use to find you? (Select all that apply.)

1 point

Keep searcher intent in mind

Move from a broad descriptive word like “Games” to a more specific descriptive phrase like “PC Games”

Provide only relevant keywords to a specific question a user is asking but not information a user might want to ask.

Question 7
Which of the following represents the path and progress through the stages of a search in the correct order?

1 point

Awareness > Preference > Evaluation > Purchase

Awareness > Evaluation > Preference > Purchase

Navigational > Transactional > Informational

Evaluation > Preference > Awareness > Purchase

Question 8
Which of the following will help to brainstorm good longtail keywords and generate content ideas?

1 point

Brainstorm with a small group of friends who think they know your target audience.

Use a whiteboard to write out your ideas

Consider questions users will ask and prefixes such as “How…,” “Why…,” “Where…” “Which…”

Question 9
Suppose you know your audience is active on Twitter, which of the following would be a good tool to use to gather data?

1 point




AARP Analytics

Question 10
What does a persona represent?

1 point

Your ideal buyer

A cross-section of the demographic data

Localized phrases used to describe an item like cookie vs. biscuit or soda vs. pop.

Optimized keyword content and phrases



Peer-graded Assignment: Analyzing Website Rankings and Recommendations to Improve Its Position





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